Carlos Kun
Since Two Thousand
00 – 20
Selected Works
Museu Nacional da República
vrisch. Vienna’s product development & content production for virtual and augmented reality.
vrisch is a virtual reality content production company from Vienna, the challenge was to create a brand identity covering all the various dimensions of services the company supplies.

Visual Identity
Habitbox™ The house of your dreams, to you and your family.
Habitbox™ offers affordable and personalised reform plans, putting the customer first and allowing full control over the entire process, before, during and after. No surprises, no pain, the home of your dreams, to you and your family.

Visual Identity, Website Design
Studio Guayd. An interior design practice established in Barcelona.
Studio guayd is an interior design studio in Barcelona, it offers design packs for small and medium businesses. The brand evokes elements from interior design focusing on delivering the message with style and simplicity.

Visual Identity, Website Design
Geoff Levy is a photographer and film director based in New York City.
Website design for Geoff Levy. Based in Brooklyn, Geoff has made films in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. His work aims to bridge art with commerce while elevating platforms of causes and cultures.

With: Danilo Campos
Development: Julio Cesar and Jorge Toloza

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Website Design, Art Direction
Lotus is a real estate company with headquarters in Brasília and Miami.
Rebranding of Lotus, a real estate company with headquarters in Brasilia and Miami. Together with a team of talented architects they are transforming one of the “Plano Piloto” newest neighborhoods.

Brand Culture: manufatura
Creative Direction: Marcos Mendes Manente
Brand Strategy: Elisa Mendes
Content Direction: Front Filmes
Graphic Design Direction: Carlos Kun and Danilo Campos
Contributors: Duda Millington, Vinicius Caetano, Saulo dal Pozzo, Lerry Dias, Ketlyn Ramos, Marianne Diniz

Visual Identity, Art Direction
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